Empowering Human-Centric Enterprises

SurePeople is a company that delivers insights into employees’ personalities and working styles to help unlock higher productivity, collaboration, and effectiveness.

Over the course of several years, I worked closely with SurePeople’s CMO and team to iterate and execute their messaging and online web presence. My contribution was primarily on designing and creating their marketing platform.

The Challenge

The main hurdle with the messaging was creating an experience that clearly communicated what the SurePeople platform did and the value proposition it offered to enterprise organizations with respect to their people management without being too technical in its language or too industry-specific.

Talent Acquisition

Finding and hiring the right people


Accelerating employee growth and engagement


Managing employees’ trajectory and success

The Process

Three Years,

Three Designs

Working closely with the client, we iterated on the marketing site together. Ultimately, we created three different versions of the site over the course of three years.

Design and Development

In addition to the design, I also provided all of the front-end development for the responsive website. The site used CSS3, LESS, and custom javascript.

Responsible Mobile-friendly Design

For this project, I designed the website to be mobile-friendly in code versus designing a static comp first.

Style Guide