Kin Insurance


  • Won J. You (Design/UX)
  • Alexis Wright (Design)
  • Kat Pham (UX Research)
My Role
  • UX/UI
  • Creative Direction
  • Strategy

Transforming the Customer Home Insurance Buying Experience

Buying homeowner’s insurance is one of the more difficult products to buy, and it’s one of the few industries that hasn’t changed or evolved much over the last 50 years.

Unlike purchasing car insurance which only requires a driver’s license and basic information on your car’s make and model, home insurance requires gathering a complex suite of property information and communicating policy choices, which most people don’t know or understand. The opportunity was to create an intuitive and frictionless user experience which removes those hurdles and provides a delightful experience that motivate visitors to become and stay customers.

The Mission

Digital Product Ecosystem

Kin Insurance is a direct-to-consumer insurtech company that sells home insurance to customers without relying on the traditional network of agents. The goal was to a create an equally human experience even when the customer is shopping and purchasing their home insurance online by themselves.

As the VP of design, I introduced DesignOps and ResearchOps to imagine and deliver a customer-centric experience that reimagines what home insurance could be. Traditionally, the insurance experience is one that is joyless, confusing, and uninspired. I sought to introduce an element of delight to the consumer experience that upended people’s expectations.

Design Focus Areas

Customer Experience

Any and all customer touchpoint that affects prospective and existing Kin customers. ThisĀ  work included the customer acquisition funnel, customer portal, chat tools, emails, customer support website, etc.

Internal Products

Custom internal products and tools geared towards supporting the administration of the insurance products. This ecosystem included an intranet, sales rep tooling, developer tools, admin tools, etc.


Internal and external touchpoints used by marketing to build awareness and tells the brand story to prospective customers. This work included social media, ads, landing pages, marketing website, print collateral, and so forth.

Branding and Marketing

Brand Refresh

One of the first things that I oversaw was the redesign of the company’s marketing website. This included refreshing the branding but also creating a new style guide, design system, and marketing collateral.

Customer Experience

Website Redesign

The design strategy was to create a more modern look and feel that felt clean and anchored around people and lifestyle photography that exuded the idea of home and family. Kin is closer than a good neighbor; Kin is family.

Design Principles

To guide the experience design of the entire user journey, I established the following design principles that every customer experience should adhere to.


We use simple language that is easy to understand and avoid industry jargon. We use lifestyle images of people having joyful moments. We use friendly typography that is welcoming and approachable.


We avoid hiding valuable information behind fine print. We are transparent about pricing and the level of coverage included in the selected products. We always let the user know where they are in the experience.


We use patterns that incentivize users to move forward. We try to find the right level of insurance for our customers and show them why. We avoid using dark patterns.


We leverage microinteractions, animations, and movement to reward users as they move through their journey with us. Interactions at varying touchpoints are a moment of unexpected joy.


We build trust with our users in all of our touchpoints. We leverage social proof and reviews to build credibility. We empower the user to have control and freedom in their interactions with us.


Our experiences guide the user wherever possible with proactive help, advice, and tips. Our customer experience is conversational and feel just as guided as if the user was interacting with a sales rep.

User Journey

Customer Portal